October 25, 2011

Tell Your Story

One of the very first things you need to do when you start planning your wedding is to pick a theme. It's probably one of the most fun decisions you'll make during this entire process, so make sure you really think about it and take your time. Plus, it tells your wedding guests a little bit about you and your fiance and the story that you two share.

The goal in choosing your theme is to come up with something that you can implement successfully and elegantly, rather than something that comes across as cheesy or tacky.

Let the Thinking Begin!
  • What colors will go along with the theme?
  • What time of year will your wedding will be? 
  • What types of elements (flowers, center pieces, favors, etc.) can you incorporate into the design of your wedding to reflect your theme? 
  • What kinds of things do you and your fiance like? (skiing, the ocean, dancing, the country, traveling, etc.) 
  • How will Ansley Event Design help you create the perfect wedding that goes right along with this perfect theme? (I can't help myself, I had to put that one in there.) 
Here's some ideas! 
Just to get you started...but use YOUR imagination.
  • Victorian
    • Antique looking decorations, cascading flowers and floral invitations
  • Peacock
    • Turquoise and green bridesmaid dresses, a feather in the bride's hair and bird cage center pieces 
  • Old-school Skiing
    • Mini ski place cards, snow globe favors and ski passes for the bridal party
  • Passport/Traveling
    • Passport designed programs, tables named after your favorite vacations and travel/suitcase tags as favors
  • Citrus
    • Lemon and lime center pieces, bright colored bouquets and lemonade cocktails
Need some help using your imagination? Ansley Event Design specializes in this part of wedding planning. We will do a short interview with you and your fiance and once we're done we'll definitely have some great ideas for your PERFECT theme. Contact us at info@ansleyeventdesign.com to get started.

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  1. Love these ideas! I think so many brides just pick colors, but a theme like this is such a fun way to add more character to the wedding. My favorite is the old-school skiing idea...so unique, and would be perfect for a winter wedding in the mountains...